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  • 'Coffee for a Cause' supporting The Pink Elephants Support Network

    We are proud to announce our new partnership with ‘The Pink Elephants Support Network’; a beautiful charity created to support women through early miscarriage, pregnancy loss and beyond. Pink Elephants help women through their grief, nurture them as they heal and empower them as they move into the future.

    Pink Elephants started with a coffee, when the founders experienced an early miscarriage themselves and realised there was an unmet need in the community to support women going through this. Women needed and deserved more.

    Early miscarriage is much more common than most people realise. The chances are that either you or someone you know has experienced this heartbreak and loss.

    For women going through it, it’s important to have their loss validated; that those around them understand their pain and don’t try to dismiss it or diminish their feelings. For those who are around someone who has suffered a loss, it can be hard to know what to say to convey how sorry you are and show that their loss mattered.

    That’s why Pink Elephants created ‘Coffee for a Cause’, to encourage anyone who has been touched by miscarriage or early pregnancy loss, either personally or through a friend, relative or colleague, to show that #miscarriagematters by holding a ‘Coffee for a Cause’ fundraiser.

    ‘Coffee For a Cause’ is a wonderful way to support your community and show your support for women who are experiencing or who have experienced miscarriage and pregnancy loss and raise vital funds for this wonderful charity who are supporting so many women in need.

    So please join the Love To Dream™ team by holding a ‘Coffee for a Cause’ by following these simple steps:

    1.Go to the ‘Coffee for a Cause’ page and fill out the registration form.

    2.Once you are registered you will be sent a link to your downloadable fundraiser pack.

    3.Set a date and invite your friends, family or colleagues.

    4.Provide coffee, cake and nibbles in return for donations.

    5.After your event finishes, donate all the money raised to Pink Elephants.

    Good luck 


    Parents of babies who love the feeling of being swaddled and are ready to transition, now have an all new sleep solution at their fingertips, thanks to the ALL NEW LOVE TO DREAM™ SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION SUIT; a versatile ‘5-in-1’ sleep garment.The ‘5-in-1’ SWADDLE UP™ TRANSITION SUIT is a gentle transition solution which helps preserve a baby’s precious [...]

  • SWADDLE UP™ FROM DAY ONE™ with our NEWBORN range

    A lack of sleep can affect some parents before the birth of their child; with the final months or pregnancy causing restlessness, discomfort & multiple night time wake-ups. So, it's important to establish consistent sleep foundations & a sleep routine straight away, to prevent further sleep issues.SWADDLE UP™ is designed to be used from birth; [...]

  • LOVE TO DREAM™ 2019 Winter Range

    For many families, a change in season or a drop in temperature can bring about changes to their child’s routine and sleeping pattern. However, finding the right sleep solution for your little one, to keep them comfortable and warm, can often prove challenging.So with that in mind, we've launched an all NEW winter range across our Newborn to [...]


    Medial research suggests that swaddling is beneficial in helping newborns to sleep better.Unlike traditional swaddles that keep a baby's arms by their side or across their chest, the unique ARMS UP™ design of our SWADDLE UP™ has patented 'wing tips' that allow a baby to sleep in their natural ARMS UP™ position. This means your [...]

  • Introducing the all NEW LOVE TO DREAM™ Hip Harness Swaddles

    Sleep deprivation is challenging for any family, however, if you’re a parent of the ‘1 in 50’ Australian babies being treated for Hip Dysplasia*, it can be overwhelming & really difficult to find a sleep solution for your child.Of those infants diagnosed with ‘Developmental Dysplasia of the Hip’ (DDH), 92% need to wear a brace or harness at some stage during their [...]

  • The 2.5 TOG Love To Dream Sleep Bag™

    This 2.5 TOG warm Sleep Bag with arms has a built-in quilted blanket, with 100% natural cotton outer & lining, for added warmth in cooler temperatures.This sublimely soft & comfortable sleep bag has extra room for kids who love a roomy blanket. The Love To Dream Sleep Bag™ is the safer alternative to loose blankets & [...]

  • The Spring / Summer Collection Love To Dream Sleep Suit™ 1.0 TOG

    The Love To Dream Sleep Suit™ is an 'all-in-one' style sleeping bag with legs & convertible feet, allowing additional mobility & freedom, versus traditional sleep bags. Making it perfect for active babies & toddlers who are always on the go. The ‘2 in 1’ feet can be covered for bedtime, or uncovered for play [...]

  • Sleep Stories: With Poppy Lee

    Meet Poppy Lee, momma of two little girls, Seren, 3 and Addy, 19 months old, from Brisbane. There's not much of an age gap between Poppy’s babes, only 16 months! Her hubby is from the UK so it's just the four of them in Brisbane and a full-time juggling-act to keep everything and everyone moving! If the girls didn't [...]

  • Sleep Stories: With Lauren

    Meet Lauren Brant, a media personality based in Queensland. Lauren was part of the award-winning kids show ‘Hi-5’ for almost six years and then went on to be part of the cast of Australia’s first ever season of ‘I’m a celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.’ That’s where Lauren met her partner Barry Hall, with whom she now shares [...]

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Verified Buyer
Love it!
Love it!
On Nuzzlin™ 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag - ON SALE NOW
Verified Buyer
Cute, comfy sleep bag
A quality made product- super soft, handles machine washing well. Bub never sleeps without one and knows it's nap time when he sees it!
On Inventa™ 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag
Verified Buyer
Brilliant Products!
We've been using the Love To Dream products for a while, through each of the stages. We love the Inventa sleeping bags, and have used each of the different TOGs. The 1.0 TOG is a great all-rounder for the in between seasons. We love the travel slots, the press studs to adjust the length and the cooling vents. It looks like you guys are discontinuing the Inventas and replacing with the Nuzzlin sleeping bags in each of the TOGs. Please don't! The Inventa are much better with their extra details!
On Inventa™ 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag
Verified Buyer
My son gets quite hot when he sleeps but then come early morning cold - very hard to keep his temperature comfortable. We love the option of the breathable zippers to help regulate the temperature. Not to mention he loves 'getting into his sleeping bag'! Thank you, our 3rd Love To Dream product we are 100% satisfied with!
On Inventa™ 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag
Verified Buyer
Great product!
A bit on the expensive side, but a great product that my baby boy loves
On Swaddle UP™ Organic