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Awards that keep us dreaming

The Team at Love To Dream™ know that their Genius 3-Stage Sleep System will help you, & your entire family, to get more sleep. We hear it from our happy customers every day!

We’re also thrilled that the products in the Love To Dream™ range have been honoured with so many awards since the brand was first launched - it’s no surprise that many of these awards have focussed on innovation. Nor is it a surprise that many of our awards have been Consumer Choices judged by real parents facing real, everyday parenting challenges. It’s how we know that the Love To Dream™ range will deliver on its promise to you.

Here are some of the many Awards that Love To Dream™ has received both in Australia & overseas.

Swaddle Up Original by Love To Dream™

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Swaddle UP Original by Love to Dream

Swaddle Up 50/50 by Love To Dream™

Swaddle UP 50/50 by Love To Dream

INVENTA Sleep Bag by Love To Dream™

Inventa Sleep Bags by Love To Dream

These are real reviews from real Love To Dream customers
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Verified Buyer
Love it!
Love it!
On Nuzzlin™ 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag - ON SALE NOW
Verified Buyer
Cute, comfy sleep bag
A quality made product- super soft, handles machine washing well. Bub never sleeps without one and knows it's nap time when he sees it!
On Inventa™ 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag
Verified Buyer
Brilliant Products!
We've been using the Love To Dream products for a while, through each of the stages. We love the Inventa sleeping bags, and have used each of the different TOGs. The 1.0 TOG is a great all-rounder for the in between seasons. We love the travel slots, the press studs to adjust the length and the cooling vents. It looks like you guys are discontinuing the Inventas and replacing with the Nuzzlin sleeping bags in each of the TOGs. Please don't! The Inventa are much better with their extra details!
On Inventa™ 1.0 TOG Sleep Bag
Verified Buyer
My son gets quite hot when he sleeps but then come early morning cold - very hard to keep his temperature comfortable. We love the option of the breathable zippers to help regulate the temperature. Not to mention he loves 'getting into his sleeping bag'! Thank you, our 3rd Love To Dream product we are 100% satisfied with!
On Inventa™ 2.5 TOG Sleep Bag
Verified Buyer
Great product!
A bit on the expensive side, but a great product that my baby boy loves
On Swaddle UP™ Organic