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Real Parent Stories with Kara

Real Parent Stories with Kara

Meet Kara, a Science (Geology) Teacher, who lives on the absolute outskirts of Sydney, at the base of the Blue Mountains, and across the Hawkesbury River, in a suburb called North Richmond. It’s a small, and country like suburb. Kara’s little one, Arlo, is 9 months old and, according to his mum, very cheeky!

What were your first thoughts and feelings after your baby was born?

I was in absolute love. He was a squishy newborn and I couldn’t kiss him enough. Most people say newborns are ugly, but we thought Arlo was the cutest newborn we had ever seen, not bias at all :P

Did you settle quickly into a routine with your baby? If so, do you think it worked well for you?

It took us a while to settle baby Arlo into a routine. Being first time parents, we had no idea what we were doing. We lived in a newborn bubble for a few months, letting him feed and sleep whenever he desired. I think this worked well for us at first, but when we started to settle him into a routine (trying to get him to sleep through the night), we realised that he was not a good sleeper at all. We have to seek some advice through a sleep school.

How soon after your baby was born did you begin to swaddle your baby?

At the hospital they taught us how to swaddle Arlo with a blanket. However, they called him “Little Houdini” because he would break free every time. When we got home we needed a new solution because he was waking himself up from his startle reflex. That’s when we discovered LOVE TO DREAM™?.

How did you come to know about LOVE TO DREAM™?

My cousin used Love To Dream™ for her little baby a few years ago and said they were amazing.

Do you feel like using the LOVE TO DREAM™ range of products has made a positive impact on you and your baby's sleep?

YES! Before we used the LOVE TO DREAM SWADDLE UP™ , Arlo used to break free from his material swaddles because he wanted to sleep with his arms above his head. Once we found the LOVE TO DREAM™ SWADDLE UP™ with arms up, he stopped fighting them and fell asleep much easier.

What is the one thing you wish you'd known before you became a parent?

I wish I had known that I could survive on such little sleep.

Three words to describe life before parenthood and three to describe life after becoming a parent?

BEFORE: refreshed, lonely and spontaneous.

AFTER: tired, in love and complete.

What is the one piece of advice you’d offer new parents or parents-to-be?

Take everyone’s advice with a grain of salt. You know your child best, and what will work for them.

What are your top 5 essential items to have ready to go when baby arrives


2. A baby carrier

3. Dummy or comforter

4. Baby monitor

5. Coffee machine

Follow along via Kara’s Insta feed, at @wecan.weatherall

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