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This year we are celebrating 10 years of delivering sleep

This year we are celebrating 10 years of delivering sleep

We have reached this huge milestone and we are over the moon to have made it to 10 years!

Back in 2009, after 18 months of severe sleep deprivation and struggling to use a traditional blanket, our founder, Hana Krawchuk, was driven to create the SWADDLE UP™. She wanted to give other parents a simple and easy way to swaddle their babies to help them sleep better. Based on her son’s preference to sleep with his arms up, she sewed two samples together and gave them to my closest friends to trial. She was overjoyed to discover their babies had slept through the night for the first time and from there she endeavoured to make the first order of the SWADDLE UP™ range. As they arrived, she madly packed them into boxes in her hallway and the Love To Dream™ story began.

Since our beginning our SWADDLE UP™ & our Newborn to Toddler 3 STAGE SLEEP SYSTEM™ have been real game changers. We are proud that LOVE TO DREAM™ products have truly redefined the nursery/baby sleep category & the way in which parents put their babies to sleep in Australia around the world. 

Today we are a category leader in within the Australia infant sleep industry & thanks to the incredible way that parents have embraced our product, we have won more than 45 industry and consumer awards. 



Where are your babies now? 

As part of our 10th anniversary, we would love to see your baby in their SWADDLE UP™ from any point over the last 10 years and where they are now. 


Entries close at midnight, November 8th. See here for full terms & conditions

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