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Newborn babies don't know the difference between day & night. They've spent months inside an extremely comfy and soothing, dark, warm womb; cycling through being awake and asleep, blissfully unaware of time, or day & night. So it's up to us to help set up their little body clocks.

In this episode our sleep angel, Courtney, takes you through Foundation 1 - which is all about our internal body clocks and setting up your baby's day and night.


Having a baby isn't easy and it's common to feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and in need of help and support.

You don't need to feel like you're in this alone. Whether it's more support with your baby's sleep, assistance with feeding or some extra help for you or your partner, we encourage you to reach out to family, your doctor or one of the many support organisations and services for new and expecting parents and carers.

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