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We’re really excited to share the Love To DreamSleep Series with you but before you get started we need to tell you a few important things.

At Love To Dream™, we appreciate there are many different ways to settle a baby. Not all families want to set up a routine or rhythm to their baby’s day, and that is perfectly fine; we are a judgement free company. Through the Sleep Series, our Dream Team will be sharing practical tips and techniques from their own expertise and experience to help you support your baby's sleep patterns, and lay the foundations for better, safer and longer sleep From Day One™. We hope you find it helpful.

This material is for informational purposes only and does not constitute medical or allied health advice. None of this material has been prepared with any individual baby or family in mind. If you ever have questions or concerns about yourself or your baby's needs please consult your own medical or allied health advisors, or seek professional advice. Always do what’s best for you and your child and always follow current safe sleeping guidelines published by a reputable health authority.

How to make the most of our Sleep Series?

Our Welcome video introduces the Love To Dream™ Sleep Series and explains how it works. If you haven't seen it yet, click the previous button so you can watch it. 

The Sleep Series is a collection of lessons, FAQs, downloadable guides, and links to other helpful information. Each lesson builds upon the previous one, so we recommend you start at the top and work your way down. They’re nice and short so they won’t steal much of your time! You don’t need to get through all of the videos at once – take your time and come back as often as you need. You can track your progress and pick up where you left off if you're logged in. Don't have a log in? You can sign up quickly here!

The Frequently Asked Questions section covers lots of specific scenarios and answers to additional questions you may have, so make sure you check it out.

The Love To Dream™ Sleep Series is our gift to all expectant parents, parents and carers. It's free for everyone to access, so tell your family, your friends and anyone who could use the support.

We hope we can help your family achieve a better night's sleep.



Having a baby isn't easy and it's common to feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and in need of help and support.

You don't need to feel like you're in this alone. Whether it's more support with your baby's sleep, assistance with feeding or some extra help for you or your partner, we encourage you to reach out to family, your doctor or one of the many support organisations and services for new and expecting parents and carers.

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