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Congratulations, you've made it to the final lesson in our Sleep Series!

We've covered so much that you're probably wondering, how do I weave all of these tips, tricks and Foundations together? We promise, it will all come together quickly with a bit of practice and in this lesson Courtney will show you how with an example day.

Our Dream Team have developed example days for each age group and you can find them in the Printable Guides section below. Remember, your baby's day won't follow a rigid schedule so these example routines should only be used as a guide to how you can set up a rhythm to your baby's day. 

Don't forget to continue through the FAQ section. It's filled with helpful information and tips on specific scenarios and answers to your extra questions.


Having a baby isn't easy and it's common to feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and in need of help and support.

You don't need to feel like you're in this alone. Whether it's more support with your baby's sleep, assistance with feeding or some extra help for you or your partner, we encourage you to reach out to family, your doctor or one of the many support organisations and services for new and expecting parents and carers.

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