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From the time they take their newborn home, all parents have their own baby sleep questions. Two questions that come up time and time again are 'how many layers should I dress my baby in for sleep?' and 'what's the best way to swaddle my baby?'.

How you dress and swaddle your baby is so important for optimum sleep, so in this lesson Hana and Courtney answer all your questions including why we swaddle babies, how to swaddle, what to dress your baby in, and even when to stop swaddling. You'll also get expert tips on how to transition your baby from being swaddled, to arms free sleep when the time is right.

If you'd like more information, tips and tricks on swaddling and transitioning from swaddling, check out these articles and videos on our blog: Why, When & How to Swaddle Your Newborn and Why, When & How to Transition your Baby from Swaddling.

Swaddle Up™ is LOVED by millions of parents globally and you can use it to swaddle your newborn from the day they arrive. Read more about why you'll love using Swaddle Up™
here and if you have a hippy baby being treated for hip dysplasia, we've got you covered with our Swaddle Up™ Hip Harness range!


Having a baby isn't easy and it's common to feel overwhelmed, vulnerable and in need of help and support.

You don't need to feel like you're in this alone. Whether it's more support with your baby's sleep, assistance with feeding or some extra help for you or your partner, we encourage you to reach out to family, your doctor or one of the many support organisations and services for new and expecting parents and carers.

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